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Photo Limit...
I was populating some info on the "member's rigs" section of the site.

The site would not allow more than 10 pictures to be in one posting.

Is this on purpose?

I just thought I'd give a heads up to Admin/mods, in case they want to change it.

I got around it buy deleting a few pics from my post, and then dividing that post, into two posts.

Generally it's good to keep the number of attachments in a post fairly low (i think default was 3). It helps the page load faster since it can load each post at the same time, rather than waiting for one big one. I'll up the limit to 20 though since we don't really have much traffic to worry about anyways. Smile
May also prevent that issue where you time out while making a monster post with tons of uploads
"...because without pictures/videos, it didn't happen."
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totally Gary. I think putting the limit to 20 should be safe enough for this forum. If we had a few thousand active members (some day right?), cutting that number down would be a must.
most sites are 10 and under... per post. its normal.

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