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local 4x4 parts store?
hey guys, I was just wondering if there was somewhere local to buy 4x4 accessories? I know about extreme but they don't have anything in stock they just order stuff from summit or what ever which I can do myself.
Try Jeep Dr. or Supershop on Portage and Berry.
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I have been real happy with Northridge in Alberta for prices and service.

Direct shipping to your door, free shipping over $100. he doesn't charge PST, and priced in Canadian dollars.

I recently bought an item new that was $3 more than JeepDoctor was selling a used one for...   for $3., I took the new part.

Northridge 4x4 Canada <--- Click Here
Gauthier Dodge on Regent is a direct AEV dealer too. 
(10-02-2014, 02:15 AM)JeepBob Wrote: Gauthier Dodge on Regent is a direct AEV dealer too. 

So is Jeep Doctor. Lots of options. .. pick your poison Wink
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jeep doctor is pretty solid

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