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Buying a winch, any suggestions? Make, Model, Size
Any feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated. 

I'm shopping for one but would like to get feedback from end users who have actually used theirs. 

The good, the bad and the ugly please.
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Bigger is always better. I have run a warn 8274 on a three quarter ton, almost always having to double the line. I now run a 8500 super winch on my halfton with good results. I know priness auto currently has a 13500 keeper winch, I have never run a keeper winch, but princess auto has a great retun policy. A winch is not something you use all the time, but it must work when you need it. More expensive is not always the best, when you seldom use it. I would look into the keeper at princess, as any winch's full rating is with only one wrap on the drum, so the bigger winch will have the higher rated pull with less line out.
What's your budget? I agree that more expensive isn't always the best.

I have an Engo 12k and it's been awesome. I think the price is around $600. I've heard that some times they aren't sealed up very well from the factory and the gears can start getting corroded. When i got mine, i just made it a point to pull the cover off and make sure the seal looked good and tightened it back down. So far so good.

Another really good one (for the price) is Runva. Apparently they have a great seal and have some pretty good reviews. Pretty popular in Australia and the UK.
Warn is the best cabelas has same winch as me got 400 I

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I like my mile marker, Matt has the same winch on his 4 runner.
The rule of thumb for a winch is to have a minimum of one and a half times your vehicle weight as the capacity for your winch.

For a 4 door with gear, bumpers and all the good stuff we like to put onto our rigs, I wouldn't recommend going under 10,000 lbs. I would also recommend you source a snatch-block to accompany the winch.

Synthetic line makes the winch unit drastically lighter, and should be a consideration.
I agree with Robert, invelt in a good snatch block and consider a synthetic line. I would suggest stay away from super-winch.
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Anyone running an Engo? for price point I've heard there a good winch. But ya Jordan I was kinda leaning towards a Warn myself, I had one on my Blazer and was quite pleased with it. Just not crazy about dropping a g-note + on one, I'd like to keep it under $700.00
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I have an engo. Linked in my post. It has worked every time I needed it so far.
I have an engo, works strong but the free spools failed on the second use. 

I am trying for warranty, we'll see how that goes.

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