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Having wireless connection issue in my Asus K53E laptop..Need Help..!!
[font=宋体]Hey friends, this is Maiya. I am having some issues with my Asus K53E laptop. Actually i tried to install the wireless drivers from Asus official websites. and since then its not working I tried everything.I tryed the atheros, the azureware and the Intel ® and i also tried  to press FCN+F2 to turn the wireless on but its not working..!! I dont know what to do i can onky browse with a ethernet cable !! I was thinking of calling Asus Customer Service for help but first i want to make sure its okay to call a third party provider. Also because my friend have the same problem and he contacted third party service provider Acer Customer Service for his acer laptop issue and his issue was resolved. So please someone help me..!![/font]

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